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Brokenhill on June 3, 2007

So I was talking to my friend Drew, He's an art major and reads comic (mainly marvel, but also afew manga's)

so I asked him to crit me, and he did… it hurt, but it also helped a whole fricken lot. So basically he told me I need to work heavily on my anatomy and I needed to work on dynamic angles and shots. so basically I'm changing up my style compleatly. It will still be anime based, but more or less with more american influences.

Also, I've been writing alot. actually made a real outline and script (omg!!?!!) so I actually have something in physical form to base things off of.

most of the space images will be based off of Eve Online, pictured supplied by my friend Mike (“thanks bro”) effects such as explosions, guns, ect, will be mine. I took my time to research weapons and such, so most of it will be based on real world designs. There will be alot of scientific bs, as well as real world BS and theories I'll be throwing out there.

This should be alot of fun, and a great learning experience.