CiSuggs on July 27, 2011

Hello all and welcome to The Alternative Adventures of Indie Bones! Yeah I know, I'm so late for the Making Fun of Hipsters Bandwagon it's evolved into a Monster Truck Wagon, but hey, I was busy being a high-schooler and whatnot.
For now updates will be every weekday until this account catches up with the other pages that are currently on smackjeeves (and here for those of you who are unconcerned with navigation buttons). Today is a triple post just cause it feels like cheating to only post a cover or two, don't you think? Maybe one day I'll have a grown-up website, but we'll see. Haven't been on drunkduck much, but I'm looking forward to the experience.
There's also a facebook page for Indie Bones, as well as my twitter account (which is the same as my username here) for updates and some insight into my very exciting uh, existant life.