Volume 2, Page 94

X Daggers on June 16, 2011

Argh, sorry about that, I know I promised this Monday or Friday or some time ago but I dunno, has anyone had a mouse that with one click will double or even triple click? Most aggravating thing in the universe and was even moreso trying to color, my God. But luckily I got another mouse and everything seems to be peachy.

I got out of practice pretty easy ._. It looks bad, really…and most of the backgrounds come from Google images. That's Macy's in NYC and some miscellaneous fitting room image I got. I was going to do this in color and pretty up Xiomara's “outfit” but figured I need to have some autonomy for once. Maybe as a filler…

Next page I will attempt to get up Sunday or Monday. Also, FYI, SOON I may have to up the rating because you can sense where this arc is quickly going. Or maybe I'll just censor the page. Thoughts?

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