nsterken7983 on Dec. 30, 2010

hopefully will be updating more regularly! i must apologize for a lack of updates, but with full time work, family, and currently four other projects on the line, this one is often neglected. Those of you who are reading along dligently, I thank you! The first four pages were drawn in a sketch book I had and then were inked and colored digitally. Now, I am making digital roughs and then doing pencils on traditional, full sized manga art boards which allows for much more dynamic artwork! I do have to be careful about getting too small with the details, which is somewhat evident here but I hopefully will get a feel for the reduction aspect and adapt quickly. I liked how this page came out. The coloring became rather extensive but the end product was worth it. The first pages of this book were meant to be more open. Now, as our story begins to form more, we will start to see more complex and busy pages. What do you think of this page? Feel free to leave your thoughts and enjoy!