942. Asylum 20: Brother

Sameth on Sept. 12, 2014

Being the Emperor's son, I was trying to decide whether or not he'd rather be called “Lord Romulos” or “High Prince Romulos.” Both are pretty prestigious titles. One being a leader of invaders and the other being the title of the son of the Emperor.
But then I thought about Romulos's relationship with Aratrix. If he was still a fledgling invader, he'd be a prince (or in his case, a high prince). An Ambis seeking to be independent of his father and/or mother, would take the “Lord” title.
So, since Romulos is on his own, he goes by “Lord Romulos” despite being the Emperor's son. Remula, since she never actually left Aratrix's house (except to go to Earth), would still have the title of “High Princess Remula” rather than “Lady Remula.”

Also, I should point out that I'm not redesigning the basic android body. Romulos's droid is a newer model than Dyonus's second body.