Awesome friends are awesome

Supadude on Nov. 21, 2012

My friends are awesome. I live 25 minutes away from everyone else, and my friends always insist on picking me up, even though I'm more than happy to catch the bus or ride my bike.
THANKS GUYS, you're the bestest of friends :) 
Oh, just because I didn't update the comic the past few days, it doesn't mean I haven't been updating! I've made 5 videos these past few days. Check them out!
Hey guys! I've done 3 christmas videos this year!
Action Josh: It's Been Revoked!
Behind the Scenes for Action Josh 
Christmas Shopping
Daze Before Christmas (Santa Platformer game)
The SLAM Network Christmas Special

 HOLY SHIT, so many videos. haha, MORE TOMORROW! Merry Christmas guys!