Page Seven

Jase on April 15, 2010

Khan is so awesome he gets a “page” all to himself.

Other bits of information about Khan.

He pounces on my feet with a little bunny-growl. Bunny-growls are freakin' ADORABLE. Seriously.
He squeaks when I pick him up sometimes. He's okay with it though- better than most rabbits.
He hates people he doesn't know.
He's got a big brother who was on page four. At the time of posting this, Kin (the big brother) lives with my mother, and is going blind in one eye, and deaf. I want to move him to the garden here, I miss him.

Oh, and he's awesome. Did I mention that?
If you're interested, this is my favourite picture of Khan as a baby. (Not sure how to post links as part of the text, so…)

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