Bios: Annym Stroieder and Thalhear

shastab24 on Aug. 19, 2010

It may seem like a cop-out, but there's a reason these two don't have pictures, especially Annym Stroieder. What would have been a copout is making these two separate bios, therefore extending the time I have to create the next bios (as I was originally thinking).

One would think that these two have nothing to do with very much of anything. They do seem incredibly vague, but they will be revealed in due time. In fact, I think it might seem a bit apparent how one of these two is linked to another one of my characters.

Oh, and this is the last bio page for my Pride High characters. One may decry the amount of time I spent on these characters here (if anybody even looked at this “comic”, which I believe they don't), but I wanted to get everybody out there. I don't have as many other bios, but that is in part because the following characters have not had their stories posted online yet. I need to give a bit of mystery to characters, after all.