Page 1: Crossover Melee 2 - In the Flesh

shastab24 on March 4, 2013

The Tip Top Club is a real club in Eureka.  But, unlike Club 501, the other real business I've depicted in this comic, I've never been to this one.  This might necessitate a name change later, too, because for some realon I wasn't thinking of legality of this when drawing it.
But we now see where Sparkle works.  With her size, she's perfect as a bouncer, and why not at a place that they'll constantly be needing one?  And those kids are likely incredibly scared.  Her hand is bigger than one of their heads.
Also, you may notice some differences in the way I'm drawing things (again).  Evolving art simply means I'm constantly trying to improve.  If I can some day get to professional quality, that would be awesome, especially if I can do so with my same drawing speed.  It would open up a lot of venues for comic employment (whether it's drawing for someone else or myself).
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