Page 17: Crossover Melee 2 - In the Flesh

shastab24 on March 26, 2013

Not a bad way to wake up, I'd say.  Of course, Masticator had to ruin it–and gained the upper hand.  The reason why he was able to track Astral is tied to how he got his powers, in a sense.  Still, in a simple sense, since his powers are derived from eating human flesh, the more innocent the better, it would make sense that he has an ability to detect souls and how innocent they are–hence, he could follow the trail Astral's went as it went back to his body.
Of course, this page means that both Astral and Sparkle are down for the count, defeated.  Eiderdown and Fractal should count themselves lucky that they didn't face these two villains if my two most powerful heroes didn't last against them.
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