Pages 12 and 13: Crossover Melee Part 9 - Scarecrow

shastab24 on Jan. 17, 2014

The Astral stuff–I realize there's a fetish for that (maybe the Sparkle stuff, too), but I wasn't going for that.  Though panel 2 can have shades of that, considering the closeup.  I like how it's drawn, though.  Believe me, a year ago this one wouldn't have been drawn nearly as good.  They're still too far apart in that last panel, though (hard to draw a two-page spread when you don't have a double-size piece of paper).
So, why have Astral and Sparkle become transformed like this?  It hasn't been stated outright, but I hope I gave enough evidence why.  Though I will have one of the villains say it, of course.
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