Page 1: Crossover Melee 10 - Mudmen

shastab24 on Feb. 4, 2014

Hey, look, I have the title mentioned.  But yes, this is taking place on SU Earth-1, my reality-designate for the primary universe, which houses the Swimmer and the Runner.  You may notice a pattern here in the parts of this crossover (Eiderdown, then Fractal, then Astral and Sparkle, and now the Swimmer and the Runner) as I try to treat everyone equally.  Granted, Eiderdown's had more face time, but such is what happens when you also include a story done by someone else and you already liked her the most.  Fractal's gotten the least, in part because hir universe is substantially harder to write and draw, being so different from the “real” world.
Also, it's interesting to see how far I've come in drawing, considering how different Doppelganger looks here.
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