Post-issue talk: issue 16 - Lucy Leave

shastab24 on Aug. 26, 2014

So I actually did this segment this time.  Woo!  It was interesting to do the pictures.  That's my old computer there.  It's so tiny!  But it's great for Kara Bear size.  I may have it be her computer on a recurring basis.  Also, that's the chair I used to sit in at the computer.  However, it broke and can't hold a person's weight anymore.  But a stuffed animal and a tiny laptop?  It can hold those fine.
And I'm looking to do an IndieGoGo campaign for my comics, and do it right this time.  I'm gathering artists to be involved.  My idea is that I will get the ones who are willing to commit to drawing an issue on the condition that I raise the money to pay them from the campaign (I don't raise the money, they don't do the art–simple, really).  Those ones I will post up on the campaign.  I've heard that campaigns with a team work better than one person alone can, so I figure this is a good option.  I'd commission concept art from the artists in order to put it up on the campaign, but otherwise would have no financial obligation prior to the campaign's closing, and artists wouldn't be doing any art without first receiving pay.  Any artists read my comic (and my author comments)?  Let me know if you'd like to be involved.  Everybody else: stay tuned for more about this.