#11 [Chapter One]

twofishsticks on Aug. 20, 2006

Right um I do apologise but after lengthy consideration, I've changed the storyline quite a bit. Before I did, I was discovering the storyline in each strip just as much as you were and then suddenly it stopped writing itself. I decided then to write an overlay of a few chapters at a time so there'd be consistency.
Also you may have notice full colour which I think is good. I haven't had much experience in watercolours so you'll have to bear with me as I learn through these strips. I intend to go back and rework the previous 10 strips in colour and hopefully you'll find it as enjoyable as I do despite its numerous quality flaws. Constructive critiques are always welcome. I honestly find doing these strips no longer a long unrewarding task like I felt sometimes previously so maybe I'll update this one more often. =)
Oh, I did forget her collar in #10. ^-^'