Twitch, Twitch - Conclusion

kentuckyfriedpopcorn on Oct. 15, 2012

Finally updated! Here it is, the all-color conclusion of the “Twitch, Twitch” storyline. Sorry it took so freaking long, but my real job has kept me extraordinarily busy for the past month. Also, I went nuts and decided to do another full-color strip with painted backgrounds.  
For the technically curious, all the coloring in this strip was done on my iPad in Sketchbook Pro. The panels were first traditionally pencil-sketched and inked, then scanned into PNG files and colored on the iPad. Makes for a very relaxing, “lying on the couch” coloring experience, without the worry of spilling paint everywhere.  
I wasn't happy with the smooth digital background gradients last time, so here I painted all the sky gradients in with fan brushes so they'd look a bit more natural.   Also, designing evil, alternate-universe versions of your strip characters is a lot of fun.