Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 18

LoL Crew on Oct. 7, 2006


Got Kingdom Hearts 2 on Monday, and completed it yesterday. All I can say is…

OMFG. That was four sleepless days of awesomeness.

Gawd I love Sora in this one. Glad he finally outgrow those goofy looking red clothes. He looks much more kick ass now!

Although some things I did think were a bit pointless about the story, such as how little Roxas was in it despite how important he was made out to be at the very beginning. Even when Sora FINALLY meets him, the fight lasts for like, a minute, and the player doesn't even get to control Sora during the fight :S

Another odd thing that I found pointless was the whole Riku “becoming” the new Ansem thing. It just seemed to totally make the ending of Chain of Memories for Riku seem a little… pointless. It's Riku, who looks, talks, and has all of Ansem's powers, and even introduces himself as Ansem! And then suddenly it stops happening.

Speaking of Ansem… WHY were there so many Ansem's in this game!? Lets recap.

There was…

Diz the original Ansem
Xenohart the fake Ansem
Xemnas the nobody of the fake Ansem
Ansem the heartless of the fake Ansem
and Riku the boy who has the heartless of the fake Ansem inside of him.

It would have made SO much more sense just to call Diz… well, Diz!

Ah well, I still loved the game. Espiecally the HUGE range of Final Fantasy characters appearing.

Best moments of the game.

Sora getting ‘slugged’ in Land of the Dragons, and then getting in a fight.
Taking on 1000 Heartless, as if a GOD.
Malificent protecting Sora from the Dusks.