Issue 2 Page 1

Dodger on June 15, 2011

Hey look, it's crazy pants! And she's busy being crazy! : D


Sorry I missed Monday's update! The site was down and by the time it was back up I didn't feel like posting when half the day was gone. I'm kinda sick right now. ) :

I'm not sure when the next update will be… I think some of you saw my derp post in the forums about how I over reacted to a critique because I'm a crazy broad and that kind of started me on a “I need to draw differently” jag. I had the next page half way finished and I ended up setting it aside to sketch and draft. :C This shouldn't affect the comic too much… I always have a hard time starting issues dry like this, haha. I need to get like 4 pages in before I'm like YEAAAAHHHH STORY TIME WOOOOOO, right now I'm like oh god I have to draw this part to get to the fun part keep drawing keep drawing—

Not that this part is boring, I just like the middle part of stories the best. : )

So, I'll see you guys soonish! Probably a week from today but possibly the monday after next. : ) Sorry guys!