Dodger on Oct. 24, 2011

Guys.This freaking picture.You guys.This shouldn't have taken this long. But I kept making more details and stuff. There's a tiny 7 eleven and a white castle and tiny graffiti and bridges and it doesn't look that complicated but it is. I wanted to have it done for October 17th, since that's the 1 year anniversary of Koji Comic (not a DD, but on dA, which is where I originally started posting it) but alas, I have no free time. >:—–So, this was inspired by a picture of the Bleach cast I've always admired and I've had this idea in the back burner for a while. The actual paper and ink image out grew my sketchbook, and I have spent entirely too much time on this, lol. It's the cast of Anarchy Dreamers (also Koji Takahashi which is the prequel to Dreamers) over top of Queens… I used an image I found offline for reference for the apartment buildings/LIE. I think it's over Woodhaven? I dunno. That's not where they live. I hope you like it!