Intro 1

Katerl on Nov. 13, 2008

P1: Hey there! I'm Kat.
P2: I'm 14 and I live in Berlin.
P3: There's not really anything special about me…
P4: … Aside maybe these two
Wolferl: One… Two…

That's my desk+ladder to my bed in panel two, just in case you're wondering what the hell it is.

Oh maaan, this is why I don't do anything traditionally. Messed up a ton on this page. I'll clean it up later, though. Laaater.

I really hate making intro pages. Really really hate it. But meh, what can ya' do?

I'm going to upload a character list next, so more explaining later.

Today I have learned that I never want to try and draw a saxophone ever again.