04 - Chapter Three

lynnlamora on April 19, 2009

Word is spreading quickly about Vorek's death, and already some Rowelians are calling Lynn their Sagess! She is not ready for that!

Myla still in wonder, she may have some experience but I'm sure she hasn't been on this much open water before :D


Here we also get a little more information about biettas and how they are raised somewhat but here are some things you don't know!

Biettas are of course, large whales capable of growing so big that they can ferry up to 50 people at one time, but to get to that level require a lot of training.

After a bietta is born and weened from its mother, it is hand-picked from the nursery by one of the current young trainers. The trainer will raise the little one for a few years while it grows to maturity. The bietta and trainer form a close bond during this time.

Once the bietta reaches the age of 10 it's time for the real training to begin! By now the animal has no problem ferrying its trainer, but to ferry more people requires some kind of harness and that is something the bietta does not want!

Beittas aren't violent creatures by nature, once they are trained they are as docile as elephants, but they are as hard and difficult to break in as a wild horse and in their rages are capable of breaking bones or accidently killing anyone who gets in the way of their massive tails.

Trainers can't use any kind of steering device nor can they talk to the bietta, so directing the animal in the direction they want to take is a skill only trainers can obtain after years and years of practice. Sitting just behind its eyes the trainer can locate certain pressure points that when gradually pressed on will move the bietta in a certain direction and at certain speeds.

But the whale's back is very wide, esspecially on the big ones, so the trainer is almost constantly moving to press the right points. It's a physically demanding job!