Childrens Bus Stop Safety

Awesometown on March 3, 2007

After a couple child abductions and attempted child abductions rather close together, my local paper began running alot of stories about bus stop saftey and other things parents can do, as well as stories about how the schools are doing all that they can to make sure your children are safe… with the expection of one story which referenced a 7 year old kid who has a mile walk home from his bus stop, needless to say the child parents pick him up rather than let him walk, but they have asked multiple times to get the bus stop changed and the school has refused. Aparently they are too busy doing everything they can to make sure your children are safe, to worry about how far your unsupervised child has to walk to get home.

I'm not sure why I chose not to use a speech bubble for this comic, another decision I quickly abandoned.