Harkback page eleven

Genejoke on Aug. 30, 2014

For a long time I mulled over killing Luana and/or Davin, I created them as cannon fodder initially.  thing is I didn't want to just create shells of characters to just kill off, so i tried to make something of it, but I had a bit of an  idea, which leads us to here.
This doesn't mean that the two of them are walking corpses, I have plans.
In case anyone is interested in it, character heights.
Brogan is a big guy at 6'5''
Calisa is 5'10'
Luana 5'7'
Stakken 6'1''
In case it isn't clear, Brogan was part of the dedannanic order.  Dedannan is a god, one of many in typical fantasy style. which makes Brogan a priest?  not quite, more like a druid.  The Dedannic order (in brogans mind) is a bastardizationon of the will of Dedannan.