E307' In review

Crimson General on July 26, 2007

Ok,…e3's a little old,..but i had to do one.

as to not change subject I am very VERY sorry for bieng almost two weeks late. To anyone who enjoys reading these comics I cant say its been anything more than sheer lazyness mixed with drawers block' (I guess tahts what its called) until I can get outta this funk Im in dont expect three updates a week. but Im not out either.

on the comic I am disgusted by this comics art. I was trying to rush. the quality will resume next comic.

also the sony guy isnt anyone in particular I kinda made him up.

and I knwo peter moore resigned after E3,..but everyone knows now so might as well. also this is just poking fun. do not think I hated E3,.there have been better though.