Squeegee on Feb. 19, 2006

so starting right this very instant (RIGHT NOW!) i'm going to include a song title, band name, or what have you that you should be listening to. partially because it's trendy, and partially because there's not enough press for a lot of excellent bands.

so. you should be listening to the i am robot and proud.

and sorry for the impromptu vacation. sarah and i have been spending necessary time watching zombie movies and savory sci-fi. mad world takes second hat to exploding heads and captain malcolm reynolds.

but hey, looky there. mina makes another appearance. i haven't been using her like i used to. tramp.

oh, and make sure you check out the mad world main site. kris wosar has sent in some secret-revealing and gossip-imbued fan art, and it needs looking at.

oh, and there's a wikipedia article about mad world that you need to check out and help with. everyone's invited to help out, but it'd be damn cool to have some mad world veterans lend a hand, too. so if you're up to it, check it out and help where you can. you're helping to make mad world more accessible to the unknowing masses, and i really appreciate it. the article can be found here.