pantsreminder on May 28, 2010

need help with comics? WELL YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.
I admit, I'm no expert at making comics, but what I've learned about them can hopefully help a new generation of comicers, or even you veterans out there looking for tips.

The first couple are situational pages for Squishy, around here known as SquishyNinja.

You can ask me any question, be it situational or just a general topics you think people need help with.
This is mainly made for layouts, poses, etc. but you can ask questions on art if you want too.

NOW, THIS COMIC WILL UPDATE WHENEVER I HAVE QUESTIONS. DAILY IF THERE ARE ENOUGH. no questions, no updates. (well, if there are really general things that I haven't answered questions on, then I might do that.)

The comic will be in blue, tips in red. YES YES I KNOW MY HANDWRITING IS ILLEGIBLE. I'll answer questions on what things say if it's wanted.