And so it begins... again!

Maybonics on Feb. 6, 2009

Hey everyone. Recent events have sort of inspired be to give runnin' my webcomic another go. I started “Martin's House” about four-to-five years ago, and had several aborted attempts to revive it, mainly because I tried re-creating the original strips, and lost enthusiasm for doing the same things over and over. So with that in mind, I decided to re-post the original strips (no matter how poor quality they and the art work were) with new dialogue balloons, to make it easier to read. I will upload these old strips (approx 90) at a rate of one per day, 7 days a week. When I've run out of old material, all new material will start up running on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this look back at my older work, and enjoy the new stuff when it arrives.