「S i x y e a r s s o o n e r」 Little Bird: The Rose

Xatiav on April 25, 2012

I got a fair amount of work. Hell.
I think I'm gonna upload all over the weekend as well. Though I may be able to do a great part of it this week.
Oh, well…
The rule of the spells: if a spell more powerful is used, the previous spell not only vanishes, but its user loses the energy he had put in it for nothing. For example, The Rose is far more powerful than Meteor Rain, which vanishes Rubican's spell and energy. Though Rubican has lot more, the Ceremony of the Stars is a real pain in the ass and really energy-killing. Moreover, The Rose is an ancient forbidden spell, even for Gods.
Which puts his caster to the level it takes to fight decently against the Emperor of Proxima. But Rubican still has battle tactics…
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