MegaMan's on Cops

KademonsterX on Dec. 7, 2012

This can't be the first time.

Funny, Kou's comments a few pages back had to do with he want's his money and he wants it now, that was gonna' be the page title.

So anyways, I was actually gonna' start playing some Soul Caliber 2 a few days ago, for Cube of course, instead I did a playthrough of Zelda II. I nailed it, beat it in about 8 hours or so. Took A night and a morning. I remember month-long playthoughs back in the day. My trick? I kinda' cheat, I re-enter dungeons to accumulate tons of points and level all the way up before the 3rd temple. That and I don't take no shit from the enemie. You gotta' be stern with ‘em.

Right, right, anyways, so Link’s involvment with the Soul Edge is non-canon, not that his involvement here is canon, but I try to use mostly canon Zelda material. Besides, I'm among those who believe he destroyed it so it couldn't do anymore harm. Although if he did, I suppose there would be potential for him to open a portal with it.

More comics coming, next update is on the 9th.