Misfits of Mischief (Dot Com!)

Roar Comics on Oct. 19, 2016


I bit the bullet and said “What the hell”?
These idiots have been possibly my longest-running, most frequently updated (which ain’t sayin’ MUCH) project for the last decade.

There won’t be much NEW content there until February, but I am reposting all the old stuff first, with a few new scribbles peppered in here and there to keep things interesting for the folks who actually HAVE seen all this before in various places across the internet. (Some of those sites will get shut down.)
There’s BOUND to be something there that you haven’t seen.
Random strips, fanarts, The entirety of Shelterville Shuffle will be reposted there once it's finally finished.

Give a look. Give a comment. Give the trio of tricksters a bit of love!