719: The Unknown - Eyes Are Not Mouths

LowResAtari on June 20, 2012

I know I made the announcement that I'd be starting up updates around here again… like… at the beginning of the year. But unfortunately, that didn't happen due to various reasons. Mostly site-related issues and how buggy this place is at the moment.

But hey. Figured I'd suck it up. I went and reformatted the archives and removed the filler comics AND the Diglett and Pals comics, which I may split off to their own archives. I kinda wish there was more variation to how you could make your comic pages look, though. I'll probably be changing the banner soon.

I am also aware of the inconsistency of the numbering… as one of the comics got deleted accidentally. Will replace it if the site somehow manages to make it easier to do so.

My goal here is to get something uploaded every day until the archives are caught up… and since I've done around 300 comics since I left, that means daily updates for a year for those that decided not to migrate to Middle Ground.

I will have more news as I manage to generate it.