Issue 41: Page 14

Author_Ninja on Jan. 24, 2012

Been able to keep to the schedule lately.
I think it takes a special kind of mind to harm a child, especially as young as Kyoko-chan. Yakuza have honor, pirates have a code, and I'm sure even mythical creatures have rules they have to folloow. Combine all that and you get a situation like this. I don't know about you, but if anyone told me that my latest assignment involved kidnapping a child, killing any who stepped in my way, and giving said child to the head of a powerful criminal orginization well…I'd be seriously reconsidering my options.
The dialog with Mika and Mountain was sort of improvised. I had written something else about her stealing the outfit from the wardrobe but it came out clunky and forced. I was sick of her outfit and being half naked at as high an altitude as she was. So…I modeled it after an outfit from anime. And so…Mountain is a doll collecting otaku. It's just…odd considering his dolls would have to be life-sized, and thus, the only thing on the ship that would be her size (Tengu outfits would be too big, kappa would be too small and exposy with the shell hole in back).