A "Lesson" in Art #1 of 2

Moonlit_Shadows on Dec. 15, 2006

Egads, yeah, it's not Monday. However, I'm not sure the update will go as planned as I have to travel again this weekend….page is scanned but I still have to tinker and letter the damn thing…and as for updates after that- so long as I can get access to a scanner back home it'll work…but if it doesn't work out you will be without updates until January. Pray it works out.

Anyways, amuse you today, you get to see the randomness of comics I draw that aren't supposed to be perfect anatomy-rather cartoony instead. Hey, I'm a Computer Animation major in college, drawing serious doesn't naturally come to me. >_>

What this is about….um….Art History. It's based upon observing some people studying last week for an art history final like insane madmen. Granted, the person who was the tutor/teacher wasn't throwing textbooks at people (That's Reiner's insanity working there), but other than that…..it's very similar to what I was observing. So similar I'd have to say “If you don't get this right I'll murder you” is (TM) Kiiwi. If you've got the time, go show up on the 22nd and read the first part of her comic, which is part of a comic making group called “The Firesiders”….located, obviously, at http://www.thefiresiders.com/ >_>

More about comic- Two kids= Reiner's kids, who you will meet later….I'm not sure whether or not to call Reiner a stern parent or if he abuses his children…but…either way its amusing.

Listening: My brain, telling me to go to sleep if I want a little sleep before I have to catch an 11:45 shuttle to Tampa so I can stay in a hotel there and fly out super early Sunday morning…X_x….ugh.