Ninja_Jette on Oct. 4, 2007

On november 5th I'm going to australia!! yaaaay! I can't wait!! I'm going with my boyfriend and I can't wait to see him again! (he already left on sep.10th).. so it's been a while since I last saw him.. :'(
It's going to be great!
I drew this in paint cuz I was so bored XD
But my legs are really short and it bothers me… it's just that I can't stand on the water eather :P

…I drew the koala too :)
.. and the australian flag was fun!!(the red and white one is the danish flag.. did you know it's one of the first national flags in the world!? cool huh :) acctually I was told it was the very first one but Im not so sure I believe that.. I mean… how could you ever be sure of that?)