Workin' for the man

nightmarelunatic on Nov. 21, 2012

I would've made a great soul sister in the 60s.
So Ace is working for man-literally. She's acquired a new job working at city hall in LA. It's definitely not the dream job she's been dying for, but for great pay, she'll do most anything.
It's not restrictive, but there are alot of things to remember. There's a huge sense of formality, so I can already say the jobs of walmart and kmart did not prepare me well.
I remember working at walmart and coworkers would joke about being phone sex operaters, and talk about crackin' open a 40 once they got off the clock.  So far at this office job, I'm reminded to say please & thank you at every corner. I have to be aware of who to be extra nice to, who is high ranking, and that I have to make people feel welcomed and relaxed. This could be considered a challenge.