An epic intro.

Product Placement on Aug. 5, 2008

Now I will say it now an no more. As long as I'm doing this alone, don't expect fancy art. I can't draw and it would take a long time for me to be any good. Therefore I will stick with stick until I start to feel more confident with my artistic skills or until I find an artist willing to work with me. Now that I've said that I'm hoping I will not get any “hurf - crappy art - durf”. Those will only end up being muted and deleted. Offer constructive criticism about the story. Was it funny? Was it not funny? Do you think I could have done better? How could I have done it better? All comments are welcome.

This will be listed as a comic strip but I'm starting with a short comic loosely based on the most hilarious gaming session in Star Wars D20 that I've ever heard. I hope you'll enjoy.

Oh and Lucas. If you're reading this, please don't sue. I promise that I'm not making any money of this.