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DragonTrainer on Oct. 5, 2012

I feel like I have to take a moment here and explain why I made the huge diversion from the original story the way I did. After rewatching the original scene, I realized that it was getting the point where there was no reason for Phil to just get up and leave the table. He's not Usopp and he's not immersed enough in the story yet to put himself in Usopp's shoes. Even if I went the route of Rika deciding that Kaya would not believe Usopp, I just don't see Phil deciding to just grab her and jump out of the window. I also realized that everything about this story arc changed the moment I made Kaya into Rika's Cleric character. Clerics have high wisdom. What's more, they have access to the “zone of truth” spell. There was no reason for Kaya the Cleric to not believe Usopp. I could be wrong though and I should've just played this scene straight. Eh… if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.