Guest Comic - Friendship is Dragons Page 1

DragonTrainer on June 3, 2013

Three weeks have passed and I know I promised that the regular schedule would begin again today, but I haven't been able to make as many buffer pages as I would've liked.  For this reason, I've decided to extend the hiatus by one more week and I apologize for this.  In the meantime, please enjoy these guest pages that were made by Newbiespud, author of Friendship is Dragons!
Author's Notes:
“It's about time! DragonTrainer has already made no less than 12
guest comics for my own Friendship is Dragons, so the return of
the favor has been a long time coming! This week, I make a dent in
that debt with three double-length pages.

This little questionably canon crossover is somewhat based on my
own first experiences with Pathfinder and 3.5. I'm a 4e guy
through and through, and the possibilities for abuse aren't really
as abundant there as they are here. There are ‘highly optimized’
builds, but not very many of the ‘insane’ variety. What I've seen
in THIS system - even with players building their very first
characters ever - sometimes falls into the ‘insane’ category.”