2:1 Entry

TheAceOfSkulls on Dec. 7, 2009

Vars Einswald, the part demon time traveller, is finally here. Allow me to say that this page was awful to do. If you don't know about how I work, allow me to fill you in. Each panel is a full page of paper. Call it wasteful but the result turns out a lot better than it does if I do smaller panel by panel work. However, the size of these has nothing to do with the difficulty. In fact, the layout was the hard part. Cropping, arranging, and scaling took the most work here.
I apologize for the art here. It seriously looked better on paper before I scanned it. The only panel here I'm proud of is 6 since Vars turned out exactly how I wanted him to. However, at the same time I really like how a few things I was experimenting with worked out, such as the speech bubbles (hard to figure out how to do in GIMP).

Oh yeah, anyone want to guess how long that guy's going to last?