Chapter 1

tyler_james on Nov. 30, 2009

I love music.

Despite being the musical black sheep of a family that could give the Partridge’s a run for their money, I’ve always had a strong appreciation for music, even though I was never going to be much of musician myself. (My Dream Job #23: The Guy Who Chooses Background Music for MTV Reality Shows.)

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some times where music seems to take on a bigger role in our lives. There are certain songs that we’ll forever attached to specific pivotal moments or turning points in our journey. A few chords in, and they’ll transport you right back to that time and place. Falling in love is one of those times. I mean, how else is it that couples get “Their Song?”

Breaking up is one of those times, as well. And interestingly enough, it seems a good 85% of the songs out there are about either falling in love, or falling out of it.

In searching for an interesting thing to do for Chapter Breaks in “Over”, I decided it might be cool to spotlight the songs on various characters’ iPods as a reflection of both the content of the chapter to come and the mindset of that particular character. It should come as no surprise that we start with Felix’s iPod.

If you haven’t heard Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ “Fix It”, give it a listen. Few songs capture the raw sting of fresh heartbreak quite so well.