Status update: In the army now

Gustaa on July 9, 2012

Np: Status Quo - In the army now
Hi people. I know this is one of those “long time no see” situations, and I hope I would have a decent explanation for that. All I can say is I kept fucking up the next page, I never got it look good and got really frustrated to that.
In an other note, I was selected to Jyväskylä university, to study English language and teacher studies! I was really worried I wouldn't get any place to go after the army and would have to get through another series of entrance exams again.
Anyway, the day I have long feared for is here. In one hour, I'm going to take a buss to Kainuu Brigade and start my military service there. I'll take my sketch book with me, maybe I can draw some extras and scan them on my weekend leaves. Don't expect anything great, though, first few weeks are going to be very busy and the first weekend leave will be second or third weekend in the Army. I'll try to get somekind of update every leave, though.