786. PSA

Sameth on Oct. 24, 2014

So far as I known, Kaine isn't starting to use mechanical webshooters, but when I got it in my head to have Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider do a parody of that one 80s drug comemrcial, webshooters kinda came with the idea…and it didn't really make sense to do it with organic webshooters (though it is accurate since Raimi's Spider-Man used them).
The PSA in question is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo
Okay, so…the best I can tell, of the spider people in the main universe and the Ultimate universe, Peter Parker is pretty much the only one who has created webshooters. The symbiote known as Venom creates them for its host, Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) has organic, I think Ben Reilly's are based on Peter's, May Parker (MC2 universe) uses Ben's webshooters, Doc Ock's are an upgrade of Peter Parker's webshooters (so…reverse engineering), Kaine's are organic, and Miles Morales (Ultimate universe) was given Ultimate Peter Parker's webshooters by 616 univese Peter Parker.
I think I'm missing someone. The point is…Peter really is the only one (so far as I know) to make them from scratch on his own.