769. Live Action JLA

Sameth on Sept. 15, 2014

I don't know how old this news is, but I haven't been following the news on The Flash and until recently, I didn't know The Flash was even in Arrow. I've been catching up on Season 2 so I can watch Season 3 when it comes on. 
Season 2's appearance of Barry Allen sets up the TV show The Flash. Well, the first episode will be about Barry getting his powers, but Arrow also kind of shows it. Gotham and The Flash are going to be awesome, though. Also, I heard Warner Bros. is trying to put together a live action TV Justice League. I'm wondering where they're going to get their Batman and Superman from…if they're even going to use them. 
If I had a Green Arrow or Flash figure, it would be them talking about their shows and not Batman and Superman, by the