591. The Wolverine

Sameth on July 26, 2013

I went into The Wolverine knowing very little about it (except that it was set in Japan) and came out pretty happy. It was a good superhero flick that quite honestly didn't feel like a comic book movie during most of its runtime…but in a good way. It felt more like an action movie with drama sprinkled in…except towards the end and during SOME (not all) of the fighting sequences…if you look past the fact that one of them has claws that shoot out of their fists.
That being said, it was worlds above X-Men Origins Wolverine. I'd give that movie a 4/10 (5.5 or 6 if you ignore Deadpool) and The Wolverine easily gets a 7.5/10 or an 8.
Oh, and just because, I wore a Deadpool shirt to the movie.
Fortunately, Deadpool wasn't in the movie. I'm glad they dropped him from the X-Men franchise and hopefully we can get the reboot underway. (By the way, I only recognized Wolverine and the Silver Samurai. I have no idea who the other comic characters are. I don't follow Wolverine as much as other Marvel characters, I guess. I knew who one lady was after I looked her up on Wikipedia, but they use a name I'm not familiar with.)