720. Days of Lizards Past

Sameth on May 23, 2014

I had a couple of reasons for making this comic. The first being that I wanted to make another Godzilla comic, but figured it was only fair that I make an X-Men comic for tomorrow. I do plan on seeing it over the weekend.
The other reason was because I wanted to show what a metaphorical battle between the two franchises that will do a box office battle this weekend.
And what about Spider-Man? Well…I didn't think about him until I was almost done with the comic.
But the idea I had was that the Godzillas and Wolverine would be staring each other down…

Spider-Man: And my movie is still–
Wolverine and Godzillas: Shut up, Spider-Man!
Or something like that. I like this better, though.
Oh, and the “X-Men: Days of Our Lives” is something I came up with as a joke about a month or so ago. I decided to use it on my friend to see how long it took him to get annoyed by the constant messing up of the title. (Though, he's reading this, so he knows now…maybe he always knew. Who knows?)