dark_Demond1232130 on April 16, 2009

So… hello everyone, my name is Liz. As you can see from the cover… it is literally a cover of an exercise book (or scribbler book… whatever you'd like to call it). Why, you may ask? Because this comic, Pencil, is actually based off a story my friends and I wrote… or, I should say, are writing. You see… the story has yet to be completed… but there is a plot line, character formations and an ACTUAL story… the only thing is… I have no control as to what these characters might or might not do.

From this title, Pencil, you probably have no idea as to what this story is actually about… well… there is a bit of everything. But the main plotline is probably around ‘Mutants’. So if you dislike torture, violence, or blood… this is probably not the story for you. But if you are interested in mutations, romance, hilarity and much more… keep reading. Not even I know the ending to this story.