Fondest Farewells

Strain42 on March 21, 2012

Here we are folks, comic number 500, and the last comic of the entire series. I started working on Persona 4TW in February of 2010, and it feels so weird to me two years later to see it completely finished and on display here.

I want to give another big special thanks to everyone who supported and read the series. You guys have been awesome.

To talk a bit about this comic some, for some reason I always knew I wanted that to be the last line of dialogue in the comic. Whenever I saw the party members watching the train go out of sight, I just thought it would have been hilarious if someone had said that. The MC is still wearing the bracelet he got from Rise, ‘cause like I said, I like that they have a real relationship throughout the comic, and the little detail of him looking at this photo on his iPod instead of an actual photo is something I’m incredibly proud of. He's been randomly playing with it all series, I thought it'd be a nice touch to have it go out with some meaning. Teddie holding the sign always made me laugh, and the ? is obviously for when/if I do comics for P4:A or P4:G

Now that the series is over, you should all check out Persona Won, which follows the events of the very first game in the series

For now…good bye Persona 4TW. You were a lot of fun.

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