Happy Birthday, Me!

Strain42 on July 5, 2013

See, they must have started on Gen 6 right away because Labrys was apparently made in April of 1999, and we know Aigis' battle against Ryoji was in 1999 before she was shut down (which actually makes P4A wrong because they have Aigis' birthday being in the year 2000) sooooo…apparently Gens 5, 6, and 7 all happened within a couple of months. They should have put Labrys story in like 1996 or 7. Oh well.
Oh hey guys, did you know today is my birthday? Yup, I'm 24 now. Which is kinda weird since I was 19 when I first started P3FTW. Pretty cool, huh? So yeah, it's my birthday. If you guys wanna leave me some happy birthday comments, I totally appreciate it. Or if you wanna go to the Strain42 Comics Facebook page and click donate and give me some money, that's totally awesome too :P
See you on Monday.