Pinky TA 8: Page 6

ozoneocean on June 28, 2015

Page description:
The big test of a working prototype mecha. They finally got it to work! YAY!
But then sabotage… disaster…  arrrgh, dammit!
The shape of the 001 model Tromper was influenced by the Mil-Mi 24 Hind E attack helicopter.
The objective was to make it unlike the later Trompers and have fun with the design.
The big, open twin glass canopies and rounded, unarmoured body and legs make this impractical as a battle mech. It's all designed to be a proof of concept test model:
Having a separate weapons operator and driver means they can test those functions together without overburdening either test pilot. The glass canopies give the test pilots a lot of visibility (compared to the closed, armoured cabs of the later production models). The gun in the gimble mount gives the weapon operator freedom to find their own targets without having to rely on the driver to point the vehicle in the right direction, like they would have to do with the fixed guns on the later models.
Its purpose is to test the abilities and feasibility of the walking mecha design.