Brief Hiatus and Artist Swap

Joneko on March 30, 2009

Hey there Piper readers. I'd say beware the ides of March but it's kinda past the ides of March (15th!).

Rei did some awesome, awesome pages for us, but it seems the Rei-Jo Piper was not to be. The partnership was getting a little tense – we have VERY different working styles – and we both decided we were more invested in our friendship than the comic.

But that doesn't mean Piper's coming to an end! It just means that I'll be back to doing the art, and that it will be traditional, not digital. I'd love it if you all could hang in there with me. Right now I'm sorting out some health issues, but I think I can safely say that I'll be able to bring you the next page in the next few weeks, and continue on the weekly basis, if you all are still interested in seeing more of it.

And maybe I'll pick a day. How's Fridays sound?