Doodle--Pee Wee, Neko, Romo

Kennedia on June 6, 2010

Ok, so basically I can't draw cat bodies for shit…aki mushrooms so they are sorta just…stubby things lawl, so I made these characters and forgive the paper it was a DOODLE on my notebook so yeah im only 14 so DONT HURT MY FEELINGS or i'll kill myself >:D MUAHAHAA! NOW YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!! Jay kay…anyway so Lauren wanted to be called…pee wee herman for gawd knows what reason but I went with it because thats her cat character but anyway im ROMO!!!! YAYY!!! ^^ So yeah I'll give the biographies later and stuff….man, I type a lot…I know it's not like a FIRST PAGE thing but i dont have a scanner and i have to give them to my friend and someone stole my fine sharpie and i have to buy a new one and its annoying…so dont expect stuff for a while…or…tomorrow…actually i doodled a pic for Beloved Suki that im going to upload (hopefully) tomorrow so yeah…whoever is reading this…i love you… o.o no homosexualness (no homo)