Chapter 1

darkpower101010 on Feb. 8, 2007

Hey, everyone!
Not an official update (I'm still working on that :P), but I'm going to make a few ‘small’ format changes.

I'm going to have chapters now, so that the archive will be slightly easier to navigate (and for fun :P). I might be naming each chapter after the level they're in. Since they weren't in an ‘official’ world for the first batch of pages, they will simply be refered to as ‘World 0,’ and take place before the game actually begins. This is actually the chapter page for the first few comics, and I'll be moving it there in a week, or two. I'm only putting it up here so you don't get confused about Drunk Duck saying I updated.

And fillers won't be classified as chapters anymore, either. They still stand out in the archive list, though, since I've put ~ infront of each one.

Not really MAJOR changes. Just thought you might want to know. :)